This Is Why


This is why!

Read it!

Read it, and weep, as I am doing right now.

Read it, and realize that your children, your grandchildren, will never know many of the beautiful animals that you have seen in your lifetime.



Because humanity can’t seem to comprehend that what we are doing is killing this planet, killing lives that co-exist with us. It is killing us, in increments, slowly, over time, and in ways we can’t visually see until it’s too late.

Can’t you feel it?

Can’t you feel the anger? That white blind rage of anger when people are too fucking stupid to care about the elephants and rhinos murdered for their tusks… not for survival of man, but for vanity and greed.

Can’t you feel the fear? That paralyzing deep-in-your-bones fear that makes you gasp and struggle to breathe as you watch the bulldozers crashing into the jungles, destroying the homes of the orangutans, even as they stand by, clinging to each other, watching their world destroyed in front of them, picking through the burned out remains of what was their home, and now with nowhere to go.

Do you feel the earth, crying out in agony as man drills into her core, siphoning out the black gold that is part of her life? Do you feel her shudders as the fracking riddles her body, trying to extract every ounce of oil, to fuel man’s greed?

Doesn’t it make you seethe with rage, and weep with despair, and desperately want to beg for the survival of this planet and the animals and life species that are being systematically eradicated?

It does me.

Add to all this the never-ending abuse heaped on animals worldwide by humans. Animals being sodemized, brutalized, tortured, ripped apart mentally and physically, all by people. This isn’t a war they are embroiled in. This is simply a fact of life. Animals are not as important as people. That has been the belief for as long as man has been here, supported by religion apparently, in that man was created after the animals and in God’s image.

Jesus wept! What the hell is wrong with our species? How could we have gotten it so very wrong?

More importantly, what can we do to stop it, to save this planet before it’s too late?

There are those who don’t believe things are as bad as all that. Their little brains cannot fathom that this world could be destroyed if we stay on our current path. And men of money swear they have a handle on things. Mighty oil companies swear their processes are safe… oh, and they have a contingency plan if anything should go wrong.

If their processes were safe they wouldn’t need a fucking contingency plan! But they don’t get that.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been feeling quite shattered, unable to focus. My words, which have always been my one steady means of expressing the chaos in my head, simply would not flow. I was trapped inside myself, listening to the cacophany of thoughts and emotions. Until today.

I read the Daily Kos post. As I scrolled down the page, reading each word, the pain trapped within me poured out through the tears streaming down my cheeks. As I wept, I read, all the way down to the bottom of the page, to the story of the hummingbird.

“Don’t bother, it is too much, you are too little, your wings will burn, your beak is too tiny, it’s only a drop, you can’t put out this fire.”

I felt that despair this past few weeks, as if everything we do, the posts we make, the information we share, the photos and videos we view and pass on, is all just too little, too late.  And not just when it comes to animal and wildlife issues but all of it — the human rights atrocities, the wars, the struggles for freedom, the eons-old battle for equality and basic human dignity — all these issues seem insurmountable.

I am not a big brain, I don’t have the answers, and often struggle to keep up with the issues, but surely some of what I was doing was useful? The past few weeks I’ve felt more useless than useful. Each article I read, photo and video I viewed, drove me deeper into despair. I stopped posting, reading, and hid away, unwilling, and unable, to take in any more.

The article was almost too unbearable to read. But like all posts and articles that shed light on these issues, it had to be read. It must be shared. We must keep talking about it, shouting about it, demanding it change. If we don’t, if we just stand on the sidelines, watching it happen, pretending everything will be fine, all the while seeing it slipping away, we are just as complicit as those who kill, brutalize, rape, exploit, destroy. Our silence makes us partners in crime.

This article was a message to me, although I’m not sure yet what I will do. The fact is I must do something… we all must DO something.

To refuse to surrender to the apathy of denialism and fatalism.
To be fierce in our defense of the Earth.
To continue to fight in the face of overwhelming odds.
And always, always, to do what we can.

This planet and all the life-forms that co-exist with us are in danger. We need to get angry and get doing something about it. This is a battle for our survival and the survival of every living species on this planet.



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Writer, Photographer, Artist. Animal Welfare Advocate. Wildlife and Environmental Advocate.
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