ESMA Needs Donation ASAP

I volunteer time with an Egyptian no-kill animal shelter, Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals (ESMA), and have been following their good works for two and a half years. With the continued strife in the country, ESMA is facing a dire situation. They won’t have enough funds to continue their work.

ESMA, a registered charity, began in late 2007, when a group of Egyptians and Expatriates joined together after the government’s horrific shooting spree of street dogs. Since then ESMA has rescued and cared for more animals than they can count. As well as providing medical aid and food, ESMA looks for forever homes for animals, including adoption outside of Egypt. They have a careful screening process to ensure that the animals who leave ESMA go to safe and loving homes. Today they care for 1000 animals in two shelters

When I first discovered ESMA online they were caring for 500 cats and dogs, as well as feeding and treating wounds of the working horses in Giza. Their dedication to the animals was so inspiring and in tune with my own ideals. I was hooked and began sharing the great work they were doing with everyone who would listen.

Due to lack of funds they were forced to discontinue the horse feeding and treating days. But the stray animals needing their help continued to rise. Today they have 1000 animals at their two shelters, and have had to stop taking in strays. There simply isn’t enough space, volunteers, or funds to take in any more.

As in most countries there are too many people who abandon animals without care, who allow their pets to go unaltered and breed uncontrolled, then abandon the offspring like so much trash. Some countries have laws about animal care, but too many people still get away with being irresponsible pet owners. Even in North America it can be difficult implementing spay/neuter programs in some communities because of lack of funding.

The situation has become very dire at ESMA. Even today, as we were explaining to people that we desperately need funding, we were also receiving requests from others to take in the strays that they found on the streets. The need is so great, and the funds are so low. ESMA needs help.

ESMA needs Our Help!

I am posting this on my blog with the hope that my good readers will reach out to an animal shelter far away in Egypt that has dedicated the past seven years to caring for the animals that no one wanted, animals that were broken, damaged, and unloved. Please make a donation. It is easy to do. Go to this page for details. All the funds go directly to ESMA for the 1000 animals in their care. I am afraid of what will happen to these animals if ESMA cannot stay open due to lack of funding.

I realize there are many charities in the world, all asking for our hard-earned money, so why ESMA? Because it is a grassroots organization, started by a motivated group of people as a result of a terrible situation for street animals. They don’t have a fancy office or corporate sponsorship. They rely on the goodness of others for funds, and the hard work of volunteers. They are seeing a need, and filling it. Let’s help them to keep doing this.

Please feel free to share this page with others. The more who know about this need, the more we will raise to help them. Thanks very much.

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ESMA Facebook:

ESMA Group Page:

ESMA Adoption Page:

ESMA Donation Information:


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