Helping Stray Animals In Egypt

There are so many requests still coming for shelters in Egypt to help animals in need even though many of these shelters have had to close their doors to taking in more animals. Please know, they did not choose this decision lightly and every request they must turn away breaks their hearts. It is a temporary decision until they can find foster homes and adoptions for many of the animals they already have.

Their first responsibility is to the animals they’ve already taken in. That shouldn’t need explaining but some people just don’t understand. The worst suggestion to this situation is to euthanize the animals that have been in the shelter a long time to make room new animals. Why would you euthanize animals you’ve already taken in, given a home to, fed and cared for, nursed back to health, just to make room for more animals? It would be betraying the animals you’ve already given sanctuary.

Euthanizing is not the solution here. Spaying/neutering, people taking care of their own animals, and stepping up to care for the animals they find on the streets is a beginning to sorting this problem. Adoption instead of buying from pet store and breeders is a beginning to sorting this problem.

Shelters are overflowing because people have abandoned pets, have allowed breeding to go unchecked, and it will take more than just shelters to fix the problem. The public must get involved in caring for the unwanted animals. Don’t just think ‘someone should do something about this.’ YOU are SOMEONE. There are things you can do to help instead of simply telling a shelter to “do something.”

  • You can put out food to feed the strays around your home.
  • Gather them up and take them to a vet to be neutered. Once done they can be re-released back where you got them, and they will work to keep down the vermin and keep out new strays.
  • If you find an injured animal, contact a vet.
  • If you need a vet, ask the shelters for recommendations.
  • If you need advice, post about the issue on the shelter pages and there will be lots of advice available from other animal lovers.
  • If you foster an animal but can’t keep it, get the animal neutered, then post a photo of the animal on a shelter page, with contact details, so someone else can step up and help.
  • Making sure the animal is neutered will stop unscrupulous people from taking the animals for breeding.
  • Ask lots of questions before just handing over an animal to someone else so you don’t end up giving that animal to someone will harm it.

Stray animals are the result of irresponsible pet owners and people who created these lives and then abandoned them. We must not abandon them too. Shelters have their place, as do the many people who foster animals and take it upon themselves to help the local strays, but these people cannot do everything. Let their work be an example to us all to step up and be part of the solution.


About Tallulah

Writer, Photographer, Artist. Animal Welfare Advocate. Wildlife and Environmental Advocate.
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