Quick Blah Blah

Was going to write about this … thing … that’s been holding me in darkness the last few days, but I’ve decided not to. No matter how I try to phrase it, I end up sounding like a whinging ungrateful bitch. I know there are others with far greater life issues than mine, so I will work at sorting it myself. At some point this darkness will pass, but for now I will deal with it.

I do apologize to friends who have tried to offer words of encouragement. Sadly I’ve not been open to suggestions. Please know that I appreciate the effort.

Not much of a post but it’s where I’m at for the moment.

I wish I could find the words to really say what I’m feeling. Words fail me now.


About Tallulah

Writer, Photographer, Artist. Animal Welfare Advocate. Wildlife and Environmental Advocate.
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