Will You Be There?

I slept

and in that sleep I dreamed of a place


where the sea touched the sand,

where the sky and water converged,


where warm breezes carried the rhythms of the planet,

where the sun sank into the dark waters each night.


In this tiny fragment of paradise,

I brought my weary soul,


craving balm to sooth the wounds

cut raw by life


until there was no way to find relief from the pain,

no end to the suffering.


Many days were spent here

watching the tides ebb and flow,


trying to forget, to forgive,

to sort, to understand,


to figure out what the next steps were,

to find peace.


Days melted into nights into days again.

 I took long walks through the sand,


along the sea, listening to the birds,

the water, the voices in my head.


And then… there you were,

in front of me, arms outstretched.


I whispered your name and you smiled.

You liked the way your name sounded on my lips, you said.


We didn’t talk much, at first.

You let me cry, holding me tightly.


You wanted to make it all right, you said,

but knew that wasn’t possible so


you held me until I cried all my tears

 out onto your clean white shirt.


I felt the tremor in your hand

as you brushed away the hair from my face,


felt your heart beating against my ear,

heard your soft words,


telling me it would be ok,

that you were here if I needed you.


I fell asleep in your arms

and woke from the dream… alone.


I will find that place.

Will you be there?


© Tallulah 2012


About Tallulah

Writer, Photographer, Artist. Animal Welfare Advocate. Wildlife and Environmental Advocate.
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