I Need You

I need you.

Everything is falling apart,

and I’m being buried in the rubble,

and as the air is being cut off,

and everything is going black,

I need you.


I need you,

your gentle voice whispering in my ear,

assuring me that it will be ok,

that I don’t have to face this alone,

that you won’t let go of me.

I need you.


I need you

to hold me gently,

wrapped in your warmth,

and let me cry until my tears cease,

and I fall asleep, safe in your arms.

I need you.


But you’re not here.


I am alone and it won’t be ok,

because no matter how much you want something

it doesn’t happen that way.

All that is left are words on a page

and a broken heart

from memories buried but not forgotten.


© Tallulah 2012


About Tallulah

Writer, Photographer, Artist. Animal Welfare Advocate. Wildlife and Environmental Advocate.
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